Friday, 9 January 2015

Lord of the Rings Lothlorien Elves Battle Company - Complete

A Battle Company of Lothlorien Elves ready to seek their fortunes in Middle Earth...
My second lot of GW minis painted in 2015 as part of my 'new year hobby blitz'. Even though these were only painted for the tabletop I've still tried to make them look good and I'm pretty happy with how they've come out.

And here with a statue I made to use as an objective in games for them:

Sunday, 4 January 2015

Heavy Metal - Bolt Action Soviet T-34/85 Armoured Platoons

Finished up these two Warlord T34/85 Soviet Armoured Platoons today in preparation for a game of Bolt Action Tank Wars tomorrow evening. I've kept weathering and chipping light as they're 'factory fresh' tanks. Similarly the only markings that they're sporting are the slightly hurriedly hand painted hull identification numbers added just after their manufacture. Sadly the lighting in the photos seems to have obscured some of the details, I'll have to try and get some better lit shots of them taken soon.

Rolling into action:

These kits from Warlord were an absolute delight to build and paint and I'm more than a little tempted to get some German and American armour now as well...