Taghmata Omnissiah Lacedaemonem

This is how the list currently stands (though I need to go back through it and check the points values shortly):

- HQ -

Arch-Magos Prime = 315pts
Augury Scanner, Lucifex, Paragon Blade, Graviton Gun, Graviton Imploder, Djinn-Skein, Myrmidax, Cyber Familiar and 2 Cyber-Occularis

Magos Dominus = 150pts
Augury Scanner, Photon Thruster Gauntlet, Master-Crafted Conversion Beamer, Abeyant, Cyber-Familiar and Melta Bombs.

Magos Dominus = 145pts
Augury Scanner, Photon Thruster Gauntlet, Rad Cleanser, Abeyant, Cyber Familiar and Melta Bombs.


Gamma-Nu 37 Myrmidon Secutor Cohort = 240pts
3 Myrmidon Secutors with paired Phased Plasma-fusils


Rho-Mu 8-00-9 Thallax Cohort = 350pts
6 Mechanicum Thallax with Heavy Chainblades, Meltabombs, Phased Plasma Fusil and Proton Thruster.

Zeta-Epsilon 2-41-1 Thallax Cohort = 345pts
6 Mechanicum Thallax with Heavy Chainblades, Meltabombs and 2 Multimeltas.

Echo-Delta 2 Omega 9 Castellax Class Battle-Automata Maniple = 550pts
5 Castellax Battle Automata with Infravisor, Frag Grenades and Enhanced Targeting Arrays.

Chi-Upsilon 06-10 Castellax Class Battle-Automata Maniple = 405pts
3 Castellax Battle Automata with Frag Grenades, Enhanced Targeting Arrays, 2 Flamers and Darkfire Cannon.


45th Lacedaemonem 'Red Rooks' Primaris-Lightning Strike Fighter = 235pts
Two pairs of Sunfury Heavy Missiles, 1 pair of Kraken Penetrator Missiles, Battle Servitor Control, Ground Tracking Auguries and Ramjet Diffraction Grid.

Iota-Xi 06-08 Ursarax Cohort = 185pts
3 Ursarax with Power Fists

Lambda-Psi 31-27 Vorax Maniple = 295 pts
3 Vorax Battle-Automata with Enhanced Targeting Array, Frag Grenades, and 1 Irad-Cleanser


Phi-Kappa 117 Myrmidon Destructor Cohort = 225pts
3 Myrmidon Destructors with Irradiation Engines

Alpha-Ksi 27-03 Thanatar Class Siege-Automata Maniple = 255pts
1 Thanatar Siege Automata with Enhanced Targeting Array


Mechanicum Questoris Knight Errant = 375pts

Total = 4105pts

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