Monday, 30 September 2013

Mechanising the Minotaurs

The chapter forges of Kraetyr has been working overtime to provide APC's for my Minotaurs army.

I needed a way to represent the Extra Armour upgrade that I don't think any vehicle that can take it should leave home without and hit upon the idea of using a spare pair of side hatches I had lying around to up-armour the glacis of each Rhino.

Once I've got the bits I need sorted out I'll be adding a pair of Storm Bolters to the cupola mounts of each Rhino as well, for an extra 5 points the Rhinos can actually harass lightly armoured troops with with their armament.

I'll also be adding a pair of Whirlwinds to the army soon too...

Saturday, 14 September 2013

Minotaurs Space Marine Army - WIP

Once the jump packs are attached to the Assault Squad tomorrow night this lot will be ready for undercoating and painting...

Front and centre is Veteran-Captain Laeonydaes who is armed with the Burning Blade and a Storm Shield, expensive? Probably but the Astartes of the Minotaurs Chapter are not known for their subtlety.

 On the left Squad Andronicus 'The Hammer' -Veteran Sergeant Andronicus carries a Powerfist while his squad includes two Meltaguns which will be run as flamers in games due to the new Codex: Space Marines removing the Meltagun option from Assault Squads... fingers crossed this will get FAQ'd but in the meantime it's still a brutally effective squad that has 39 attacks on the charge if they haven't jump packed (and 29 if they have which isn't too shabby)

Finally on the right is Squad Alkaios 'The Stalwarts' - Veteran Sergeant Alkaios refuses to carry anything more ornate than his Combi-Grav Rifle into battle. His squad's armament includes a Grav Rifle and a Meltagun to support their volleys of Bolter fire.

I plan on adding another Tactical Squad which will give me a legal army that should look good and perform reasonably on the tabletop too...

Friday, 13 September 2013

Minotaurs Epistolary Lykourgas - Completed

Epistolary Lykourgas is finished :). This mini was a joy to assemble and paint and I tried out some 'corner-cutting' ideas with some of the colours on him as well.

And here's how the army looks so far....

While a Librarian and a Contemptor pattern Dreadnought don't constitute an army as such, there is a Tactical Squad and an Assault Squad on their way as well....

Monday, 9 September 2013

Minotaurs Epistolary Lykourgas, Kraetyr's Oracle - WIP Update

Today's somewhat limited progress. Progress has been hampered slightly as I've been having some problems with my sinuses which has made painting trickier than usual...

Sunday, 8 September 2013

Minotaurs Epistolary Lykourgas, Kraetyr's Oracle - WIP

I've not been idle in my absence over the last couple of weeks as I've been trying to get my Chaos Dwarves finished for a series of small Fantasy games at my local GW as well as assembling a small army of Mymeran Eldar for a similar series of 40k games next month. But I've still found time this weekend to work on some power armour... Still heavily WIP I couldn't resist painting up one of the new Space Marine Librarians for my slowly growing Minotaurs army.