Monday, 9 September 2013

Minotaurs Epistolary Lykourgas, Kraetyr's Oracle - WIP Update

Today's somewhat limited progress. Progress has been hampered slightly as I've been having some problems with my sinuses which has made painting trickier than usual...


  1. Lovely job so far, the tone of bronze is superb. Are you thinking of getting the traditional Librarian blue in somewhere?

  2. Thanks Big Steve :). After some discussion with a friend last night I've opted not to include any blue despite the recommendation of the Codex Astartes for it. While the Minotaurs are ostensibly a 'codex' chapter, I don't see them as adhering to it to the letter... which is my fluffier way of saying that I don't think blue, bronze, red and white would work too well together. Heresy, perhaps? but as one of Kraetyr's sons I have the ear of the High Lords of Terra and so freer reign in how I interpret Guilliman's words...

    1. Certainly a fair point. As much as the purist in me hates it, it's the right way to go. I did a Libby for my own Minotaurs force in the blue with a single bronze pad which didn't looks too bad but going the other way would look a bit odd.