Monday, 22 October 2012

Eversor Assassin Painting Challenge

As Dark Materials Miniatures has mentioned, some (read, 'a long') time ago we arranged a painting challenge. The idea was that we'd both paint up an Eversor Assassin and see who came up with the best mini. I've finally got myself into gear and got mine ready to go:

 Originally I had conceived of a grand scenic base for the mini but try as I might I just couldn't get any of my ideas to work properly. For those that don't already know I'm a little bit fanatical about my mini's looking 'right'. I can spend hours putting a mini into various blu-tacked poses until I'm happy because if they don't look natural or achievable by the mini in question or even if the mini just looks off, I won't or rather can't paint it. To me things like this can ruin even the best of paint jobs so it's just not worth risking. I know that's probably a bad obsession but I like to think that my finished mini's vindicate this 'belief'. 

With that in mind I opted for a simple rubble strewn base as though the uncharacteristically static Eversor (to be fair I think this is one of the older Citadel mini's that has aged fairly well) is sweeping his surroundings, assessing a target or just posing... to be honest I'm not going to argue with a drug-fuelled hyper-aggressive killing machine. 

Now all I have to do is decide what shade of black to paint him...

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  1. Excellent stuff. Now I need to get cracking on with mine too!!