Saturday, 25 May 2013

"The Red Ruin" and Hunter Killer Servitor N-M86//J83 Zsadist - Update

Some pretty good painting sessions today meant I could progress these projects along before I start work on the Competition Prize for the Tabletop Trading UK group. After a slight re-think on my part I thought it'd be better to paint it to the winner's specifications rather than my own. The comp organisers agreed and so Robert John Walker from Oxfordshire who was the lucky winner has chosen to have it painted to match his existing Dark Angels Space Marine Army....

Ancient Moraie:

Hunter Killer Servitor:

I should have the Servitor finished on Monday and I'm going to start planning the placement of Moraie's heraldry and markings shortly so that they can be 'weathered' into his armour a little.

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