Thursday, 13 June 2013

It is done!

Despite three new scars on my thumb and not a little cursing it is done! I have finally assembled all the mini's for my Heresy Era Army...

I do plan on adding two Rhino's in time but I'm happy with the army as it stands now and I think it'll give most other 3000pt sized forces a bloody nose on the tabletop as well. Now to get my paint on!

Legion Praetor leading a squad of Cataphractii  armoured Terminators

Death Guard Legion Tactical Support Squad 

Legion Heavy Support Squad with Multimeltas

Spartan Assault Tank 

Incidentally the Spartan does have sponsons, I've just left them separate for ease of painting.


  1. I´m the voice of your reason and i say... paaaaaiiiinnnnttttt!

    Also,really nice army, want to see those cataphractii painted :D

    What time is it? Melta time!

  2. Stop... Melta time! ha ha...

    This is only a part of the army... in addition to the pictured units there are two Tactical Squads, another Heavy Support and Tactical Support Squad, a Jetbike Squadron, and a Contemptor pattern Dreadnought. Painting will commence shortly... I've been informed that a secret initiative on the Hardcore Hobby Elite Facebook group will provide me with all the inspiration I need to get it done...

  3. I am looking at ordering a Spartan myself for my Dark Angels. How's constructing this beast? My Storm Eagle was a royal pain in the ass. Is this thing any better?

  4. It's actually not too bad. There is a known issue with the tracks in that they need to have a link removed from them to fit around the hull. Other than that though the build was fairly easy with no issues or complaints. From asking around I'd say if you've built a Storm Eagle then a Spartan will be a walk in the park for you ;).