Sunday, 21 July 2013

Last Stand at Istvaan III Army - Update

Not a massive update mind you but I now based everything that's built. This was the last chunk that needed doing:

I still need to build two Rapiers and their crew who are being converted slightly and a Seeker Squad who are waiting on next weeks Seeker Bolter set release from Forge World. After working on a couple of other things I feel re-energised about working on this monster of an army as well as looking forward to adding a couple more new units to it over the coming months.


  1. Looking good! They're coming along nicely.

    You got the new Cataphractii Praetor, too? I'm soooooo jealous!

    How well did he go together?

  2. He's a fantastic mini and I just couldn't stop myself grabbing one, even going so far as to re-write a major portion of the army list around him - the Cataphractii were bought and equipped just for him!

    He went together beautifully. I've seen a few people post pics of them with their arms, hands and heads misaligned but I had no problems with mine. I did several dry fit runs with all the bits and actually ended up removing the nubs for the hand joints and pinning them instead to prevent the misalignment. Some might complain at having to do this for such an expensive mini but I think it's all part of the fun ha ha.