Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Maximorc Decimator Maridiius - WFB Orc

His name is Maximork Decimator Maridiius... taken by the Dark Elves and forced (encouraged? He is an Orc after all...) to fight for the entertainment of King Malekith in the gladiatorial pits of Naggrond.

GW Inverness's painting challenge this month was to paint something with skin, while our way of celebrating the new Dark Elves releases was to organise an 'Arena of Death' for single Fantasy Heroes and Lords to duke it out and see who emerges victorious. I decided to try and kill two birds with one Orc.  He's now ready to enter the arena and I'm reasonably sure that using him as a Black Orc Warboss to represent his long 'career' as a Glad-y-ata... as I envision him calling himself he'll give a good account for himself...

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