Monday, 10 March 2014

Mechanicum Myrmidons - WIP

Should hopefully have these finished tomorrow evening ready to game on Wednesday - 3 Mechanicum Myrmidons with Irradiation Engines to add to Arch-Magos Dominus Lacedaemonem's slowly growing horde of horrifically efficient at dismantling enemies mechanical marvels.


  1. Is it me or is that the same picture...?

    Looking very nice. Do like the figures. Did you think of converting the left handed gun so that it matched the right handed ones with the cables underneath etc?

  2. Thanks for spotting that :). I've edited the post so it's only one photo now.

    I replaced the sensor skull on the left mounted Irradiation Engine but was happy to leave the conversion at that. I like to think that the weapons are mass produced and then attached to the Myrmidons in whatever configuration they request.

    1. That's fair enough, the only reason I noticed I think is because I have been mulling over getting some and I dn't think I would want the stock weapon load out.

      Looking forward to seeing the unit finished.