Friday, 12 December 2014

Commission - Dwarf Hammerers

Whew! It's a bit dusty in here as I've not been around for quite a while. I started studying a degree back in September which has eaten up quite a lot of time that was spent painting but it'll be worth it in four years time. I started working on this commission back in August but as I said, hobby time has had to play second fiddle until recently (and will go back to doing next semester). Anywho, here's some photos of what I've been doing:

 The bases on the 'troops' are still being worked on (hence the untidiness) but will be finished shortly and the command group are receiving some extra detailing to set them apart from their fellows:

The bases on the command group are still in their initial stages as they're still being handled quite a lot. I'm just beginning to work on the non-metallic metal detail on the banner at the moment.

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