Thursday, 5 March 2015

Another of Detroit's Finest...

While working on getting the Tiger finished today (photos to come later of the Tiger) a new shiny arrived:

I've never bought or built anything from Rubicon models before and I ummed and aahed about this kit for quite some time because it has had mixed reviews from some hobbyists.

 Speaking to some of the Bolt Action elite modellers about this kit in particular and friend who has a zug of their Tigers (which are sans zimmerit anti-magnetic paste, making them late production - I opted for the Warlord one as it's an early/mid production model and with zimmerit and so would match my Panthers) allayed my fears sufficiently though and based on this kit I think Rubicon are definitely a company to keep an eye on in the world of plastic models and miniatures.

The M4A3 went together very quickly and painlessly:

and aside from the barrel of the .50 cal on the turret snapping when I breathed on it a little too hard - (I'm not kidding it's incredibly fragile...) I'd highly recommend this kit and Rubicon in general to anyone thinking of taking the plunge.

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