Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Mechanicum Taghmata Omnissiah Darkfire Castellax Maniple

Newly inspired to add to my Mechanicum forces by both a local surge of interest in Heresy gaming and the new Forge World Scyllax models I thought I'd add some anti-heavy infantry punch in the form of a maniple of three Darkfire Cannon armed Castellax. The triplets should be able to put down what the Mauler Cannon armed maniple cannot:

Unfortunately upon eagerly opening the models when they arrived from Forge World I discovered that the resin in two of the Darkfire Cannon hadn't cured properly while the third had suffered irreparable mould slippage. I contacted Forge World to organise replacements but then resolved that rather than wait for them, I'd kitbash some suitably arcane looking weapons to take their place. A quick bitsbox rummage and some cutting and sticking yielded three 'Lacedaemonem Pattern Darkfire Cannon':

Which were then added to the assembled Castellax who have been primed and base coated silver ready for painting:

I'm aiming to get these done by mid April and then move on to either a second Questoris Knight or a unit of Scyllax, keeping things firmly Mechanicum.

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