Monday, 13 April 2015

Mechanicum Darkfire Castellax Maniple - Completed

With just a couple of days until the end of the 'month' for the Heresy Challenge I'v got 'The Triplets' finished up:

I'm glad I pushed ahead and converted darkfire cannon for them as I'm still awaiting useable replacements for the miscast ones from Forge World - the added bonus of that though is that they're uniquely mine - in fact these Castellax have 'Lacedaemonem Pattern' cannons.

It's not much of an update but I also got around to highlighting the hair on the Hasslefree 40mm Artemis I started around Christmas time as well:

And as Rictus correctly guessed I'll be working on an Aeronautica Imperialis squadron shortly. I'm still waiting on two miniatures arriving before I start working on them properly but in the mean time:

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