Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Mk.IIe Phobos Predator Executioner

Last year I built and painted a Mk.IIa Phobos Rhino (pictured above) inspired by the Deimos pattern kits that Forge World has been releasing, I envisioned the Phobos pattern as sort of bridging the gap between the contemporary Space Marine tanks and the older Deimos patterns. Recently re-discovered STC acheaeotech has yielded more destructive designs from the forges of Phobos and I'm pleased to present the WIP of the Mk.IIe Phobos Predator Executioner:

As you can see in the images below, I've remodelled the turret and converted the fore armour of the Predator to resemble the look of the Phobos Rhino:

 What I can't quite make up my mind about though is whether to mount the turret to the rear similar to the Deimos pattern Predators:

Or I can mount the turret in the centre like the contemporary Mars pattern Mk.IVb Predator:

Either way there's still quite a bit to do before it's ready for painting, not least re-attaching the sponson mounted Heavy Bolters  but I'm pretty pleased with how it's looking so far.


  1. I'd say forward - the plasma cannon looks too awkward at the back like that, with the muzzle not even clearing the hull properly.

    Looking forward to seeing where it goes :)

  2. Yeah, another vote to the forward turret, but i want to see it painted!

  3. thanks guys. General consensus seems to be centre mounted which is good because that's what I was beginning to lean towards.

    @ TheDarker: you might have to wait a wee while I'm afraid, need to finish the Istvaan III mini's and paint the Assassin before I do anything else.

  4. Nice model! In my personal opinion, mount it backwards. It gives it more of a 'baneblade' feel for me, seeing that it is a tank packing a mean punch in terms of firepower.

  5. This looks amazing. What parts did you use for the Plasma destroyer?