Thursday, 25 July 2013

Bring them down! - Rapier Destroyer Battery

As a veteran of the hobby with very fond memories of some of the more 'kooky' elements of the older versions of 40k I really liked these when they were first released but then completely forgot about them until very recently when I was looking for interesting, characterful and useful units to add to the Last Stand at Istvaan Army.

Adhering to my over-reaching principle of go big or go home I decided to include 2 Rapier Destroyers in the battery both for redundancy and because you can have up to three of these beauties. I decided to adapt their glacis plates slightly because I wasn't overly keen on the 'jabby bits' at the bottom. I know it's supposed to be some sort of bulldozer type adaptation but I just didn't really like it... after all these tank killers don't really want to be moving unless they really have to.

I also decided to do a little kit-bashing with the Rapier crewman as their entry in the Legion army list states they only have bolt pistols but the spotters come with bolters. I also reasoned that since technology was much more firmly understood before the Heresy so I gave the gunners wrist mounted remote controls for their guns enabling me to keep them separate from the gun carriages. Finally just to satisfy my own sense of pickiness I repositioned the backpack mounted targeting arrays to be facing in the direction that their wearers are looking.

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