Friday, 26 July 2013

Legion of Azgorh Expeditionary Force - WIP

Not much to look at so far I'll admit but this is my Chaos Dwarf Army so far. I'm planning on adding another unit of Infernal Guard to give me a solid (and from what I understand Chaos Dwarves are ROCK solid) battle line. I'm keeping the units small partially cause they're not cheap to buy but mostly because I want this to be a small expeditionary force of Dawi Zharr.

As a someone who is used to assembling squads of troops that aren't going to be ranked up building the Infernal Guard was a somewhat blood pressure raising task but seeing them all together in their movement tray the time spent was very worthwhile as no one is stabbing anyone in the back... well not yet anyway.

Now that I've got this lot built I'm planning on using the 'spare' Chaos Dwarf as a test mini to develop a suitably infernal colour scheme for the army.

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