Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Word Bearers Army
Rite of War: Pride of the Legion

Lord of War
- Lorgar Aurelian Primarch of the Word Bearers: Transfigured. 450pts

- Legion Praetor with Cataphractii Armour, Master-crafted Power Fist, Volkite Charger, Grenade Harness and Digital Lasers. 182pts

- Legion Chaplain with Cataphractii Armour. 120pts.

- Legion Command Squad: 1 Standard Bearer and 2 Chosen. Chosen are equipped with Power Swords and Volkite Chargers. Standard Bearer is equipped with a Power Sword. 150pts

- Legion Terminator Squad: 9 Cataphractii Armoured Terminators with Combi-Bolters and Powerfists. 340pts

Dedicated Transport: Spartan Assault Tank with Heavy Flamers, Pintle Mounted Multimelta,  Auxiliary Drive and Flare Shield. 330pts

-Legion Veteran Tactical Squad: 10 Veterans with Heavy Flamer. Sergeant is equipped with Artificer Armour, Volkite Serpenta and Power Sword. Veterans have Volkite Serpentae and Meltabombs.  310pts

Dedicated Transport: Rhino APC with Extra Armour, Auxiliary Drive and pintle mounted Heavy Bolter. 70pts

Fast Attack
-Legion Seeker Squad: 10 Seekers with Nuncio Vox. Sergeant is eqipped with Artificer Armour, Meltabombs. 255pts

Dedicated Transport:Rhino APC with Extra Armour, Auxiliary Drive and Pintle Mounted Heavy Bolter. 70pts

Heavy Support
- Legion Sicaran Battle Tank with Auxiliary Drive, Armoured Ceramite and sponson mounted Heavy Bolters. 185pts


Yes it's another Horus Heresy list! This is what I'll be aiming to build for 2014. I already own all of the mini's in the list above and there are enough points left for me to fit in another Sicaran (or possibly even Sicaran Venator) if/when I can afford to...

Using pride of the Legion regrettably prohibits me from fielding my Mechanicum Maniple as an allied detachment but I'm sure most opponents wouldn't make too much of an issue of this in friendly games.

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