Friday, 26 October 2012

Betrayal at Istvaan III update

Just about finished with these guys now. I need to put the Legion marking on the Emperors Children marine and build their bases to match the first pair's but I'm pretty happy with how they're looking.

 I feel I might need to 'redden' the armour of the Emperors Children marine a little though, I went with a more regal purple than the one that Forge World, or indeed Games Workshop have used on theirs as I feel it fits more with the feel that the EC have in the book series but I think it still needs a tiny bit more depth to it. I've deliberately kept the highlights on it subtle so as not to detract from the gold so I think a glaze of Baal Red might pull the armour into line.

I'm really pleased with the World Eater. The now that the blue's offsetting the white I think he looks much better. I think the flamer looks pretty good with a nice simple paint scheme too. I figured that the Legion wouldn't concern itself with things looking pretty, only functional so that's what I went with.  I've free handed the Legion symbol on his pauldron but the photo I took was out of focus and it's now snowing outside so I'm not going back out to photograph just now... 

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