Friday, 2 November 2012

World Eaters Veteran WIP

Still very WIP (and likely will be for some time until i can get a hold of the next lot of bits i need for him) I didn't come up with the idea of a legionnaire leaving the field of battle victorious until after i bought the legs/torso of the Forge World Captain but I think the idea is working fairly well. Most of the inspiration came from a piece of artwork in the World Eaters Index Astartes article showing a World Eater Legionnaire carrying his chainaxe in one hand and the heads of his enemies in the other.


  1. Nice creation - look forward to seeing what else goes into the build.

  2. Thanks mate, I've got a backpack icon en route that i may or may not use on him, got some mk iv backpack inbound too. I'm pretty sure I've got some severed heads in my bits box but the biggest sticking point just now is his shoulder pads, i like the WE resin ones from Forge World but I can't afford or.justify the cost of a whole pack for one pair and I have the same problem with the decal sheet too. If the pads start appearing g on ebay or bits sites then I'll be sorted :)